The definition of the word partner is “one that shares”. 

PRM was founded on the principal of partnering and it remains engrained in our business today - in fact partnerships have been the cornerstone of the company’s success.

Sharing and collaboration occurs on all levels and across the full lifecycle of our developments including with:

  • Land acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Equity partners
  • Our consulting team
  • Government agencies
  • Our customers
  • The communities we create

Whether you’re a landowner looking to joint venture, have capital to invest in development or you’re looking to settle your family in a vibrant community, we can help.

How it works

We take pride in being part of a team that works together to share perspectives from every angle. From the outset we involve all parties including land owners, urban planners, environmental consultants, architects, financiers, surrounding community organisations and residents. We call it the Art of Integration, and it's the key to our success.